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Historic page showing 'Photo of The Month' pictures from 2005-2006

AAS 'Photo of the Month' 
November 2006

Nova in M31 (mag +17.3)
CCD Image (5 x 3 min exposure)
,  November 26th by David Richards




Previous AAS 'Photo of the Month'
(Photos or Images)


October 2006

Comet C/2006 M4 [Swan] , with a tail 0.5 arc deg in length
CCD Mosaic,  October 9th by David Richards

September 2006

Partial Lunar Eclipse - September 7th by Darren Moody

August 2006

Variable Star SS Cygni by David Richards 
(V Mag variation +13.2 to +9.0, Jun-Jul 2006)

February 2006

The Veil Nebula by Phil Hart.  (Click image to enlarge)


October 2005

M27 Dumbbell Nebula by David Richards


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